5 things you should do before you switch the heating on!

5 things you should do before you switch the heating on!

CS Plumbing and Heating LtdDo you remember the summer and the heatwave of 2018? Remember how hot it was, how we longed to cool down? And then our memories are suddenly shattered with the first cool snap of the year  and we actually start to feel cold prompting households in the Northamptonshire towns and surrounds to start to think about the ‘best time to turn the heating on’  which in most households is a long-fought argument! Who is in charge of the thermostat in your home?

Here are 5 simple things you can do to cut your energy bills before you turn that dial and fire the boiler up.

1. Hunt for draughts and pull your curtains!

Make it into a game with the kids and do it on a windy day. Get down low on the floor and feel for cold spots. Found one? Use draught proof strips and exclude draughts from places like door frames and letterboxes. Use curtains over old doors and invest in good double glazing.

 2. Get your boiler servicedCS PLUMB AND HEAT PLUMBER

An efficient boiler could save you £££'s.

Servicing is important for your safety and to save money. An annual service of your boiler, costing from as little as £55 +vat, and heating system is important to maintain it's efficiency and to prevent long-term and sometimes costly repair bills. Prevention is always far better than cure.

The Gas Safe registered CSPH team can provide you with serving of all types of domestic boiler. Use the contact button below to visit our servicing page and get in touch.

CS PLumbing and Heating Smart thermostat3. Use a timer or SMART meter

The ability to remotely control the temperature in your home appeals to those with hectic schedules; if you have a late-running meeting there's no reason to heat an empty home, is there? On holiday and realised you forgot to turn off the heat? Fixing the error is just a few taps away on your smartphone.

Smart thermostats don't directly save you money the way switching energy supplier can. However, they provide the ability to heat your home more efficiently which should save you in the long run. You will also receive reports about your usage, which can help you better understand your heating usage, and adjust your behaviour and preferences accordingly to save money.

4. Get insulated

You could be leeching all the heat from your home into the street via your loft! Heat rises and so will your heating bills. Do more for your budget and the environment by getting proper insulation fitted

5. Put a jumper on and do some press ups!5 things you should do before you switch your heating on

Sorry - we couldn't help the last one - see how long you can last before the switch on by keeping warm in other ways! Add a layer, pull a throw over you when you are sat on the sofa or snuggle with a loved one or pet! And for those of you into more extreme ways of keeping warm maybe press-ups or cross fit!

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Keep warm this winter