About plumbing services during Covid 19 outbreak

We are keeping calm, washing our hands AND wearing gloves and carrying on – service as normal albeit without handshaking, keeping a safe and appropriate distance, and just doing our job to serve you well as best we can.

We can make service and repair visits and carry on as normal however we do not want to enter a home where someone is self-isolating, so please don’t ask us. In turn if you have a person aged over 70 in the home they could be in another room to the one we are working in to reduce any risks.

We have carried out an assessment of risk and wearing appropriate PPE, maintaining the social distancing guidelines we should be able to serve you as we would have done pre-Covid 19.

Take a look at the guidelines we are using to work safely in other people’s homes CLICK HERE

Don’t be concerned if we clean an area before and after we have carried out our work, it’s in the guidelines and it’s the right thing to do. We may try to leave a door or window open as that reduces the chances of any transmission further.

If you have any questions please call or email us – you can contact us via our contact form CLICK HERE