Boiler Guide from CS Plumbing and Heating Ltd

Boiler Guide from CS Plumbing and Heating Ltd 

Have a look at this Boiler Guide when choosing which boiler is best for your home, you first need to choose which type. There are three main types of boiler: combi, system and conventional.

1. Combi Boilers

Combination boilers - more commonly known as combi boilers - are the most popular kind in the UK and provide heat and hot water with no need for water tanks or cylinders. You can pick either a gas or electric combi boiler.


  • you get unlimited heat and hot water when you need it.
  • there's no need for a tank in your loft.
  • they don't take up much space.


The water pressure might be reduced if you need hot water from more than one tap at a time.

Suitable for

Almost any home, but best for homes where lots of people won't need lots of hot water at the same time

2. System boilers

System boilers - also known as a sealed system - come with a water cylinder These usually sit in an airing cupboard and there is no water tank.


  • there's no need for a tank in your loft.
  • you can get hot water from multiple taps at the same time.


  • you don't get hot water instantly.
  • the hot water can run out and you'll have to wait for it to reheat.
  • you need to find room for the cylinder somewhere.

Suitable for

Homes which need to have hot water in more than one place at the same time.

3. Conventional boilers

Conventional boilers - also known as open vent or regular boilers - have both a cylinder and a tank.


You can get hot water from multiple taps at the same time.


  • the hot water can run out and you'll have to wait for it to reheat.
  • you need to find room for the cylinder and the tank.

Suitable for

Homes which need to have hot water in more than one place at the same time.

4. Condensing boilers

Condensing boilers aren't strictly a boiler type - instead it's an attribute your boiler can have, e.g. you can have a condensing combi boiler or a condensing conventional boiler.

Condensing boilers are very energy efficient because they capture some of the heat which would escape from the flue of a non-condensing boiler and re-use it.  This means they get more heat from the same amount of fuel, which will save you money on your heating bills.

All new gas boilers have had to be condensing since 2005 (although in exceptional circumstances non-condensing boilers are allowed).

5. Energy-efficient boilers

All new boilers are energy-efficient - since 2010 all new boilers must be A-rated for energy efficiency, or at least 88% efficient.

 All boilers are assessed and given a rating to help you pick a boiler that is energy-efficient, or see how efficient your existing boiler is.

Still not sure about which boiler to choose after reading the boiler guide?

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Landlord Services from CS Plumbing and Heating Ltd

Landlord Services

It has certainly been a busy month for the CS Plumbing and Heating Ltd team as they have been partnering with some of the leading  Northamptonshire based letting agents and sharing the option of the CS PLumbing and Heating Ltd Landlord Services in the form of cover plans allowing Landlords to budget more wisely for expensive heating and plumbing repairs. 

CSPH have comprehensive products in place to allow flexibility in product and pricing with personalised plans to fit the needs of the smallest property up to a large portfolio. 

Working with Simon Musto, Charles Orlebar and Matthew Nicholas we are hoping to satisfy the provision of cover and pricing to suit the needs of the tenant and landlord alike.

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A SMARTER way to manage your heating

The ability to remotely control the temperature in your home appeals to those with hectic schedules; if you have a late-running meeting there's no reason to heat an empty home, is there? On holiday and realised you forgot to turn off the heat? Fixing the error is just a few taps away on your smartphone.

Smart thermostats don't directly save you money the way switching energy supplier can. However, they provide the ability to heat your home more efficiently which should save you in the long run. You will also receive reports about your usage, which can help you better understand your heating usage, and adjust your behaviour and preferences accordingly to save money.

Effective heating controls are a vital part of an efficient boiler-powered central-heating system. Clever use of controls can help you minimise energy consumption by ensuring each room is at the right temperature for comfort, while avoiding overheating. This will keep your home cosy and cut your energy bills.There are many different articles written on the topic and as many different thermostats to choose from.

'Which ' guides are tried and tested and we share a link here to a review of boiler controls and thermostats.Read more: - Which?

CS Plumbing and Heating Ltd are here to help you choose

Its not easy making your mind up about the right thermostat and of course how to fit it correctly and what to do if it goes wrong.  Chris and the team are on standby to take your call and advise you. Their advice is free! Visit the CONTACT PAGE for details of how to get in touch 

Helpful hints & tips for your heating system during the winter

Plumbing and Heating systems during the winter

Most of us worry about a boiler breakdown during the Winter, especially once the colder months are here. The following tips could not only help prevent your boiler from breaking down but also keep your central heating system in good working order all year round.

Understand How Your Boiler Works

Understanding how your boiler works can help you to detect any faults or problems, and could even save you money if you discover something is wrong before more damage is caused. Make sure you read and understand your boiler's manual. If you've lost your manual, you might be able to download it from the manufacturer's website.

Annual Boiler Service

An annual  service of your boiler can be readily put back as a low priority, but boiler maintenance and regular checks can help prevent unexpected breakdowns and repairs. An annual boiler service can also protect those you care about and save you money!

Insulate Your Pipes

Pipe insulation can prevent your pipework from seizing up when the temperatures drop below zero during winter. Pipe lagging can stop water in your pipework from freezing and bursting, prevent the build of condensation and save you money on your energy bills as the insulation helps preserve heat within your pipes.

System Power Flush

Power flushing your central heating system can prevent boiler breakdowns and significantly improve boiler efficiency. By circulating high-strength cleansing chemicals, a power flush can remove debris, rust and contaminants from your central heating and is more cost-effective than replacing an old, inefficient boiler.

Bleed Your Radiators

Trapped air in your central heating system can cause your boiler to work harder than it needs to, which can increase your energy costs. Bleeding your radiators is a relatively easy process that can help remove any trapped air within your central heating system. Ensure you monitor your boiler's water pressure after bleeding your radiators, the pressure should be between 1-1.5 bar.

Check Your Heating Regularly

If you have a combination gas boiler, it is advised to regularly turn on your boiler throughout the year, even during the warmer months when your central heating is not in use. To prevent breakdowns during winter, simply switch on your heating for 15 minutes once a month during the summer.

Gas Safe Specialists

Do not carry out the above tips if you're not 100% comfortable with what you're doing. If in doubt, it's always best to trust in a professional. All of our team are Gas Safe Registered and we're happy to provide no obligation advice and answer any of your questions over the phone.

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