Cover Plans from CS Plumbing and Heating Ltd

Cover Plans from CS Plumbing and Heating Ltd - something for everyone and every budget

We have had many requests from our loyal customer base for a plan to cover breakdowns and repairs of your boilers, heating systems, controls and pipework, and here they are!

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To set up the plan fill out our contact page and we will be in touch to visit your home. We take images of your boiler, record the system design and make notes of operation, the location of your gas and water meters etc so that we know how best to advise you. Our aim is to attend any reports of a fault within 24 hrs and we can also advise you over the phone as we will have our notes about your system giving you added reassurance.


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Static Caravan Winter Drain Down And Spring Re-Connection Service

For complete peace of mind, we can offer our “Cover Plan Service “ for a monthly fee of £30.00, This would include the Winter Drain Down and Spring Reconnection Service, Boiler Service, and any boiler breakdowns within the year to include parts and labour.