Boiler problems

Low or no pressure in your boiler

Do you know how to re-pressurise a sealed system such as a combi boiler?

If the pressure drops below 1bar it’s likely that the boiler will stop working properly. This can damage the parts in your boiler and may lead to these needing to be replaced.

At 0 - 0.5 bar it will stop completely.

Have a look in your manual or check with us for guidance about your system.  

Our cover plan holders need not worry as managing your boiler is part of our service to you.

What has caused a drop in pressure?

It can be because  of many reasons and i's always best if we take a look, run some tests and make a diagnosis. It may just be the simple fact that the radiators have been bled and the system needs re-filling. 

We will not charge you before tellng you how much things will cost, so feel confident to pick up the phone and chat  to us, Chris.

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