Green Homes Grant 2020

green homes grant 2020

Green Homes Grant 2020

Hundreds of thousands of households in Northampton and surrounds will be eligible for £5,000 vouchers under the Government's new home improvement scheme which launches in September 2020

The £2billion Green Homes Grant, revealed in Chancellor Rishi Sunak's mini-budget last month, aims to help households become more energy-efficient.

The new scheme will allow homeowners and landlords to apply for a voucher that will fund at least two-thirds of the cost of hiring tradespeople  to upgrade the energy performance of their homes, this does NOT include installation of central heating systems though.

Over 600,000 homes have now been revealed to be eligible for the Grant which will support over 100,000 jobs in green construction and could help families save up to £600 a year on their energy bills. 

The Government revealed it would be introducing the Grant as a way of cutting emissions and help households save money.

Heating buildings accounts for almost a fifth of UK greenhouse gas emissions and reducing carbon dioxide from homes will be essential to reaching net zero by 2050  Source: This Is Money

Save money!

The new vouchers are worth up to £5,000 for most homeowners, however, those on low incomes can receive vouchers covering 100 per cent of the cost of improvements, capped at a maximum of £10,000.

The Green Homes Grants will give homeowners, including owner-occupiers and social/private landlords, vouchers to install one or more of the following:

- Solid wall, under-floor, cavity wall or roof insulation

- Air source or ground source heat pump

- Solar thermal


If households have used their vouchers for one of the above resources, they can also use their voucher for further energy saving measures.  

These include one or more of the following:

- Double or triple glazing/secondary glazing, when replacing single glazing

- Upgrading to energy efficient doors

- Hot water tank/appliance tank thermostats/heating controls

Households can only receive funding for one of these secondary improvements up to the amount of funding they are receiving for the primary measures. 

For example, if they have spent £2,000 on roof insulation, they can only get £2,000 for double glazing. 

Applicants will also have to complete an online application for one of the recommended home improvements. It is likely this will be through the Government website although this has not been confirmed. 

Households will then be offered a list of approved TrustMark and MCS registered tradespeople in their local area to carry out the work.

They will have to get a quote and approve it before being given the voucher to spend, which will start to be issued from the end of September. The scheme ends in March 2021

Depending on your income, you will get a £5,000 voucher or costs of up to £10,000 covered. 

Please note we have been informed that we are unable to be personally involved in this scheme as it does not include installation of central heating boilers.  It is just for information

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