Oil to LPG – making the switch

The downside of being off-grid and using oil

The threat of the theft of your oil, dealing with leaks , high carbon emissions and large unsightly tanks are just a few of the issues rural, off-grid properties have to deal with because they have no other choice - well that's not exactly true  as more and more homes are making the switch - read more

You could switch to LPG instead of oil

Offering a lower carbon, cleaner alternative to traditional heating oil, LPG is a more efficient gas and heating and cooking in your home could be easier, greener and more affordable with a far neater and safer storage solution offering you unspoilt views in your rural home.

LPG is Propane which  has a higher energy content than natural gas

A much neater solution to off-grid heating and cooking fuel

LPG not Oil CS Plumbing and Heating Ltd

"So tell me what the real advantages are?"

  • Cook on an instant controllable flame
  • Low risk of fuel theft
  • Switching is easy and hassle-free with CS Plumbing and Heating Ltd
  • LPG is greener than fossil fuels and better for the environment
  • LPG can be used for cooking AND heating whereas Oil is for your boiler only!
  • You can cook on gas during power cuts

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